Electronic And Semiconductor

Laser technology has been used in electronics for a few years now and it has helped many consumer electronics companies to provide better products for their customers. Laser marking and laser cutting are the most common technology used in electronics.

Mechanical Hardware

The application of lasers in the Hardware Process Industry has become more and more extensive. The Laser helps people make a high-quality and secure mark on various kinds of materials, cut out tool shapes, or even make different carvings of different depths.

Sheet Metal Processing

Laser cutting is a sheet metal processing that laser beam radars on the processing material. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. The laser beam can be divided into the solid-state and un-solid state.

Auto & Parts

The laser processing technology is an advanced technology of automobile production, which has been applied to make high-quality car accessories as well as fitting signs for years.

Integrated Circuit

IC chip is an indispensable thing in every electronic product, and there are countless large and small electronic factories across the country. And the chip needs to be marked, so a laser marking machine is needed. It is conceivable how much demand is for IC chip laser marking.

Machinery Manufacturing

Laser cutting can be described as a major transformation in the sheet metal processing plant. Because of the high level of flexible production of laser cutting, fast laser cutting speed, high laser cutting efficiency, and short equipment work cycle, it immediately becomes a sheet metal processing plant manufacturing industry.

Solar Energy

The most important thing in photovoltaic production is cell manufacturing. Silicon cells play an important role in photovoltaic power generation, whether they are crystalline silicon cells or thin-film silicon cells. In crystalline silicon cells, high-purity monocrystalline/polycrystalline silicon wafers are cut into cells for cells, and lasers are used to precisely cut, shape, and scribe, and then make cells into strings.


Due to the strong demand for improved fuel efficiency, the aerospace industry is increasingly using lasers. The application of modern laser technology in the aerospace field is mainly in cutting, marking, laser welding, laser quenching, laser cladding, laser drilling, and other aspects.