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Dual Platform Full Portection Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting Area:1500*3000mm/2000*4000mm
Laser Power:500W-4000W
laser wavelength:1077nm-1083nm
Cooling Type:Water cooling
Cutting Thickness:Depending on materials
Position Type:Red Dot
Operation Mode:CW1000
Power Tuning Range:10%-100%
Operation Voltage:220V/380V
Max Modulation Freq:50Hz/60hZ
Max Power Consumption:2500W


Machine Body
Equipped with a high-low exchange platform, this laser cutting machine operates more efficiency due to the short exchange period of only 15 seconds.
The metal body on this cutter has undergone a 600°C heat treatment, and is cooled inside the furnace for 24 hours. After this is complete, it is processed using a plano-milling machine and welded using carbon dioxide. This ensures it has a high strength and a 20 year service life.

Cast Aluminum Beam
Cast aluminum crossbeam 50% lighter than made by steel
Cast Aluminum Beam made by10-ton steel mould with better rigidity. And the weight is 1/2 lighter than traditional welding iron gantry


Japan Servo Motors and Drivers
The electric and drive systems provided by Japan YASKAWA offer customers a faster rotation speed and better stability.
High Efficiency Operating System
The operating system can realize intelligent layout of graphics cutting and support the import of multiple graphics, optimizing cutting orders automatically, searching edges smartly and automatic positioning. Control system adopts the best logic programming and software interaction, provides stunning operation experience, effectively enhancing the utilization of sheet metal and reducing waste. Simple and fast operation system, efficient and accurate cutting instructions, effectively improve the user experience.

Raytools Laser Head
The laser head made in Swiss is suitable for the medium and small power metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine, with a diversified interface setting so that it can be matched with all kinds of mainstream fiber lasers. The cutting head adopts the optimization of optical design, light weight, small volume, easy to use, with a height sensor can make cutting more efficient, but low price,which is preferred for cutting equipments with laser power 500w or lower.
Auto – focus:
Applicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by machine tool control system. Focal point will be automatically adjusted in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal.
Accuracy:Increasing perforation focus length, separately setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length, enhance cutting accuracy
Metal processing and manufacturing industries such as sheet metal processing,electrical appliance,kitchen utensils,aerospace,machinery,elevator,car, shipping,tool processing,subway accessories,arts and crafts,decoration and advertising.


Machine Advantage

1. The laser metal fabricator adopts gantry type single-side double-drive structure, imported high-precision reducer, gear rack and linear guide, smooth transmission, fast acceleration, Bit precision.
2. Both the bed and the moving beam adopt the whole welded structure. After annealing, rough machining and vibration aging, the welding process can be completely eliminated. Processing of stress, rigidity, high precision, can be maintained for a long time without deformation.
3. X, Y axis with high-precision servo motors, bed movement performance greatly improved, acceleration up to 1.5G, to ensure that the whole machine has high speed and high acceleration performance.
4. Using the Windows operating system based CypCut fiber laser cutting machine dedicated CNC system, integrated a lot of laser cutting control dedicated functions Module, powerful, simple operation.
5. Switzerland RAYTOOLS Laser Head is capable of automatic height adjustment to maintain constant focal length and stable cutting quality.
6. Germany high-precision electronic proportional valve, precise control of cutting auxiliary gas pressure, in order to achieve the best cutting

Machine Samples