Preventive Maintenance


Today, preventive maintenance is more than a simple oil change and lubrication. Maintenance tasks at Baokun Laser are machine-specific, include dozens of different measurements, adjustments, and software checks, and can only be performed by OEM-trained personnel.

Through Baokun Laser’s preventive maintenance program, engineers visit your facility for the duration of the contract. You can choose the cycle that best suits your needs, or we can recommend the ideal service time frame and keep your machine running efficiently. Baokun Laser’s preventive maintenance program provides an excellent standard of service. It’s the smartest way to defend and protect your productivity. With this program, your operations will benefit as described below.

  • Improve performance with properly tuned and calibrated machines
  • Maintenance according to factory specifications
  • Reliable, qualified, and experienced technicians familiar with the equipment
  • Spare parts discount
  • Priority of emergency service calls
  • Virtual service price halved as part of preventive maintenance
  • Training, operational recovery, and software for special conditions

Machine Upgrade

Baokun laser cutters can be upgraded with new features and functions during their long lifetime. Baokun Laser’s modular engineering philosophy allows the use of many solutions to increase performance and versatility, as well as increase the level of automation. It is thus possible to upgrade machines or manufacturing systems even years after the original installation (every case must be analyzed). It can cope with more diverse production tasks and provide higher production efficiency when new functions are added to the production technology already used. Planning and realizing these possibilities are an important part of Baokun Laser’s machine service.

  • Update the machine to the latest generation
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhancements
  • Industry 4.0 (Intelligent Manufacturing)
  • Extended service life
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At baokun, we regard every request from our customers as first priority. Our team is always ready to give technical support for any customer at any time. All of our machines boast a warranty period of 3 years and lifetime of free technical consultation.